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Meet Big Moe

Moe Cason is a force in the modern barbeque world. A self-taught pitmaster, he’s competed in barbeque competitions all over the world and created his own line of artisan barbeque sauce.

Growing up in a world surrounded by barbeque enthusiasts and grill masters, he quickly learned to love the smell of the grill and coals of the smoker. His childhood home of Iowa was a hot spot for relatives and family gatherings where someone was always cooking up something in the 55-gallon smoker in his backyard. Drawing from childhood inspiration and passion, Moe began his journey in the professional barbeque world in 2006 and since then he's been part of over 300 competitions where he's continually proven his homegrown skills. He now runs an award-winning barbeque restaurant, Ponderosa Barbecue, in Des Moines, Iowa.  

As an ambassador for Route83 Knives, he’s using some of our largest, most advanced knives to bring his pit competitions to the next level!

Moe has used his years of competitive experience to work with us in the creation of his own line of extra-large handled blades – the Moe Cason Route83 Signature Series knives. After years of dissatisfaction and frustration with knives that didn't properly fit his grip, he created this line of unique knives made specifically for barbecue and larger hands. The knives he's tested and approved have handles at least 15% wider than any of the knives in our other series. Titanium plated in a gloss black, these knives are competition ready, built to last, and fit larger hands comfortably. 

Look for the three knives in Moe's Signature Series coming late 2018 and early 2019: 14” Brisket carving knife, 8” Chef’s knife, 8” Boning knife and the Cleaver (one of the largest knives ever produced).

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