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Read below for more information on our knives and commonly asked questions.


Q: Is each knife handmade and individually crafted?

All of our knives are made one at a time. Our blades are handmade and forged through a careful, step-by-step process, and each handle is made using natural wood. As with any other artisan product, no two will be identical. Every element is unique and even the standard dimensions may vary slightly in each knife (weight, length, etc).


Q: Can I use your knives every day?

Yes, Route83 knives have been designed to be used daily and to make every aspect of chopping and cutting easier.

Q: What steel is used for Route83 knives and how are they different?

Route83 uses German steel or Damascus steel depending on the line of blades. The blade shape and manufacturing techniques are almost identical – only the material varies.

German steel is used in the Classic Knife Range and is highly durable. Damascus steel is used in the Signature Knife Range and features the stunning waves formed by layering steel. Damascus steel is harder than German steel. Though harder steel has a finer cutting edge, harder is not always better. An axe (or our cleaver) uses softer steel than our Damascus steel but it can put up with more intense use.

Q: Does Damascus steel need special care?

Our Damascus knives are clad with stainless steel (layers of 18/10 and 18/0) making them easy to care for. Treat them the same as any other high quality kitchen knife. Other manufactures use “high carbon” steel which will rust and discolour if not oiled after every use.

Q: Should I buy German Steel or Damascus steel?

All of our knives are made to the same high standard. If cared for properly, they should last a lifetime. We have tested our knives extensively and we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return your knife within 30 days.

Q: Why does my knife look different than the knives pictured on the Route83 website?

Each knife is hand made, hand hammered, and hand crafted. The hammer marks on each knife are unique. We use only natural wood handles which are also unique. No two handles are identical since different parts of the tree yield different grain patterns.

Q: What kind of wood is used for the handles?

We only use natural wood handles which have been lightly finished with an oil and vinegar blend. They are never treated with harsh chemicals. No two pieces of wood are identical.

Q: Why do other manufacturers wood handles look identical?

Other manufacturers use wood products such as pakka wood. Pakka wood is a manufactured product made from resin and chemicals that can emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Route 83 uses only natural wood for all knife handles.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!