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Our story began generations ago in the rural prairies of central Canada.


Watching our hardworking grandparents sharpen knives and forge blades from a single piece of steel captured our imaginations as children, and inspired us to create a tough, but beautiful blade, built for the modern kitchen.


Route83 was born and bred in the wide open space and rustic wilderness of the prairies. If you follow the highway called Route 83 from Swan Lake, Manitoba, Canada all the way to the border of Mexico, you’ll encounter some of the wildest nature and the most passionate barbecue enthusiasts along the way.

Often given the misnomer, the “Road to Nowhere,” Route 83 is anything but. Along the way, through Kansas, Texas, and the southernmost United States, Route 83 touches some of the world’s most famous pit masters and barbecue aficionados, and it was this history and legacy that gave Route83 its name. Our knives embody this spirit of wide open roads, the smell of a choice cut roasting over a coal pit, and the spirit of tenacity required to make it in the culinary world.


Our knives are tough, but artfully crafted and beautiful, just like the road they’re named after.